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In 2017 the church known as St. Ann Church celebrated one hundred years in existence.


On the more recent end of that timeline many persons will perhaps remember the warmth of someone like Fr. Wilf Daniels - a former lineman of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers -  who pastored St. Ann Church through much of the nineties or will perhaps remember the many contributions of Sr. Alice Konefall during her twenty some years of association with St. Ann Church. 

St. Ann Church includes persons who gather around what is today described as the Extraordinary Form of the Mass but which once - prior to the Second Vatican Council - would have been the ordinary experience of worship for Catholics of Latin Church. In even more recent times many newcomers to Canada who are Filipino in background have chosen St. Ann Church as their place of worship. 

St. Ann Church continues to be closely vested in education within the city of Winnipeg as one of five owners of St. Charles School. ​

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Our Patron

Our Patron is described in Christian tradition as the mother to Mary of Nazareth. That would make her the grandmother to Jesus Christ. ​The earliest known references to her are not the Gospels of the New Testament but rather a second century text called The Gospel of James.
The story goes there that in Nazareth there once lived a couple who were unable to have children. Joachim after being belittled by one of his peers on account of not having children journeyed into the desert to pray to God. His wife Hannah - rendered Ann from time to time - upon learning of his absence set to prayer herself that they might be blessed with a child. 
An angel appeared to Ann comforting her with assurances that God was looking upon her and promising her that she would conceive of a child who would be blessed among all the peoples. A similar promise was conveyed to Joachim.
Some time later a daughter Miriam - often rendered Mary - was born to the world.  ​​
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